11 AM | 28 Jul

I hope I Could Fly Like Birds!

Flying With Birds

Flying With Birds

Everyone wants to fly, not only via aeroplane but via their imagination. I had imagined many times that I could fly but I’m not a psycho that I would jump of the building or bridge to try how well I can do it. Even I dreamt sometimes that I am flying like birds! And sometimes even talking to birds and animals just like Eddie Murphy in Dr. Dolittle movie.

Well, I wonder how these birds find themselves when they fly, they all look the same. What if we had wings (surely an angel would come to mind) and we could fly like birds and wouldn’t have to be stuck at traffic but I guess then there would be air traffic jams; like the cartoon “The Jetsons“.

Imagine (like John Lennon Song) if we could fly for hours and travel the whole world. How wonderful it would have been if GOD had provided some of us with wings. But I also believe that everything decided by GOD is PERFECT for us. Not one dime less and not one dime more!