09 PM | 16 Dec

Variety Is The Spice Of Bats

The animal kingdoms are rife with millions of different species of animals (I’m no zoologist but from what I remember about the insect kingdom, the numbers of different species of bugs can be pretty astronomical). While there may not be billions of bats that are an inextricable facet of the food chain, they certainly do have a varied number of species that all contribute to the food chain and are not as nasty as popular opinion would lead most of us to believe. Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight. With extremely elongated fingers and a wing membrane stretched between, the bat’s wing anatomically resembles the human hand.

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12 AM | 08 Aug

Why Bats Are Scary

After seeing this picture, the title of this article becomes pretty self-explanatory in and of itself doesn’t it?  Thank you Flickr.com for offering us some of the scariest crap on the internet that isn’t photo-shopped or fake at all and actually exists in the real world…

Is it the tiny sharp jagged teeth?    The short dark fur?  The wings?  The tiny claws?  The nocturnal lifestyle?  Hanging upside down in a way that no other animals can?  The black soulless eyes that barely reflect any light like a shark or some kind of predatory monster?  There’s plenty of reasons for a bat to be frightening, they certainly have an alien appearance and the sound of their screeching can be quite unnerving.  Take this article with a grain of salt and have a laugh, the scariest and ugliest little organisms on this planet are all living creatures and deserve the same respect for the sanctity of life that anyone can have.  That being said: aren’t those little freaks like something out of a nightmare?!

Courtesy of flickr.com you can see what looks like an alarming number of bats gathered up on the ceiling of this cave.  I don’t think you could pay me enough to go into that cave and throw a pebble at that ceiling… But you know, the only thing scarier than the idea of scaring all those bats into attacking you is just how much guano they’ve probably left on the floor…

Okay, so we can see why Bruce Wayne decided to base his alter ego on btas.  Those little fanged rats with wings are pretty freaking terrifying right?  Taking a step back though, it’s interesting that the concept of a vampire is often heavily related to bats.  Something about the way they lurk in the dark and suck the blood out of livestock, spreading rabies and who knows what kind of diseases is just something most people want nothing to do with.  Now I’m not saying I’ve got a phobia of bats specifically or any other particular animal, usually it’s better to have a rational fear like aliens invading and seeing how stupid our species is and how little we get along, so they destroy the planet, or something like that; but bats are still such an unnatural thing to look at… I think… Aren’t they?

You know, the more I look at this picture of some little fruit bats from flickr.com, the more I think they’re kind of cute… Some of them even look like they’re smiling a little… Okay maybe they aren’t so scary, I take it back, I change my mind!